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Whistleblower Reveals UK Governments' Huge Failures in Evacuations From Afghanistan

A whistleblower has revealed the failures of the UK Government in evacuations from Afghanistan after the Taliban sezied Kabul. Criticism of the handling of UK evacuations out of Afghanistan after the Taliban seized power of Kabul have been plentiful. Former senior desk officer at the Foreign Office, Raphael Marshall, in written evidence to the Foreign Affairs Committee went as far as describing the system of prioritisation of evacuations from Afghanistan as “arbitrary and dysfunctional”, Mr Mar

The grip of Chinese Outbound Tourism on international politics

China’s navigation of the chess game that is foreign affairs and international politics is not only remarkably unique but incredibly strategic. Tourism is often disregarded in the discipline of international relations and politics, and outbound Chinese tourism is an unexplored phenomenon that has a significant impact on Chinese foreign policy and international politics as a collective. China has made no secret that it has intentions to increase its soft power. In 2017, Davos, Switzerland, at th

NHS Midwifery sector at 'crisis point' in the UK

Vigils have been sparked across Wales, Scotland and England to bring attention to the ‘maternity crisis’ that is occurring within the NHS, with dozens marching to highlight the dire staffing and working conditions. What is happening to midwifery in the NHS? The Royal College of Midwives (RCM) conducted a survey that discovered that 57% of midwives intended to leave the NHS within the next year. The RCM is voicing concern that midwives are being pushed out of the NHS due to lack of staff and as

Not just a popular Netflix show: Squid Game highlighting South Korea's modern-day slavery

Netflix has popularized many non-English languages shows such as La Casa de Papel (Money Heist), Elite and Narcos. Its original series shows becoming a global hit is nothing new to the streaming platform either, with shows such as You, On My Block, Sex Education and Stranger Things becoming commonly watched shows on the screens of our TVs. Despite Netflix’s continued success with creating global smash hit shows, the South Korean drama Squid Game has surpassed the records set by its Netflix Orig

The Pandora Papers: Revealing the depths of the Conservative cronyism?

The Pandora Papers are a collection of over 12 million documents that were accumulated and investigated by over 600 journalists from 117 countries. They lay bare the shadow economy of the world’s super-elite. Uncovering the inner working of the finances of 35 current or former leaders, 300 high-level public officials in more than 90 countries across the globe, these papers revealed that such individuals have been using offshore companies and accounts to preserve their substantial levels of weal

Protests on the Piazza for student welfare continue

Another protest was held at Warwick University on Sunday 23rd May in the piazza for student welfare, co-organised by Shame on you Warwick (SOYW) and Protect Warwick Women (PWW). The demonstration included accounts from survivors of sexual misconduct on campus (including talks about the impact of events on their university experience) and speeches from the organisers. There were also chants, one being: “2, 4, 6, 8. Stop the violence. Stop the rape.” The protest stemmed from broken-down communic

Will you need a vaccine passport this summer? We asked Leam pubs what they thought

‘We will do whatever is required of us to provide our customers with a safe environment’ The possibility of the vaccine passports being mandatory to buy drinks in pubs has many worried about what their future nights out will look like. There have been whisperings in the House of Commons that the use of vaccine passports may be up to the individual pubs. The Warwick Tab decided to ask Leam pubs about their plans and if they would implement a vaccine passport policy. The Prime Ministers’ call f

Warwick are through to the University Challenge final: here's their journey in 10 tweets

The Warwick team are heading into the finals against Magdalene College Cambridge this Monday The Warwick University team are through to the finals of University Challenge, having won their semi-final round against Imperial College London last week (22nd March). The Warwick team, comprised of Richard Pollard, George Braid, Owain Burrell, and captained by Andrew Rout, will be facing off against Magdalene College Cambridge on Monday (5th April) at 8.30pm on BBC Two. We spoke to the team about th

'Despair and frustration': International students on their experience during the pandemic

At the beginning of this academic year, international students were asked to travel to Warwick, with assurances of in-person classes and face to face teaching. Many felt anxious to travel during the pandemic and now in Term 2, we see that the tone from the university and the government alike has changed. Their new message? Stay in your country, do not travel back to the UK. Uncertainty due to lack of communication from the University has led to many international students having anxiety about w

University of Manchester offer 30% rent cut following student strikes

University of Manchester students will be given a 30% cut in rent for the first half of the year, following rent strikes. The university published a statement on Wednesday stating that as a result of their unsatisfactory or “reduced experience” between the months of September and January all students who live in university halls will be refunded for four weeks rent. They also stated that they are planning to reopen study spaces, improve safety and security and work alongside students to implem

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