6 Findommes on How the Tanking Economy Affects Their Jobs

Most of us are are already having sleepless nights wondering how we’re going to cover the extortionate cost of rent or bills. But what if your income relies on the sexual gratification of the person handing the cash over? Many would-be findommes think that financial domination is an easy solution to any cash flow worries. You set up a profile and wait for the paypigs and finsubs to flock in and donate cash hand-over-fist – how hard can it be, right?

The reality of Christmas for those battling an eating disorder: "It’s like dangling wine in front of a recovering alcoholic"

Two young Welsh women share how their eating disorders changed the way they celebrate Christmas THIS Christmas, most of us will be looking forward to pulling crackers over a juicy roast turkey or digging into the chocolate tin, Santa has left us. For those suffering from an eating disorder though, this joyful season brings feelings of great anxiety and dread. Last Christmas was the busiest ever for the helplines of Beat, the UK’s eating disorder charity. “So many people desperately needed so

Syrian family fleeing conflict given £33 week to survive

Syrian parents with two young children struggle to survive after fleeing to Cardiff for safety A SYRIAN woman seeking asylum in Cardiff is struggling to feed her young children, as she has received only £33 for her family of four this week. The family of four – a couple and their children, aged five and one – on 12 December were given £33, to buy food, toiletries and other essentials for the week. They are legally entitled to £166.40. Since moving into self-catered accommodation on 17 October

Drink-drive mum crashed car with children on board after 'self-medicating for dental problems'

Mother-of-three dabbed whisky on her teeth to ease the pain but ‘must have imbibed some’, court told A BARRY mother crashed her car into a ditch with her three children on board while over the drink-drive limit, a court heard. Cardiff magistrates heard how Lucy Williams, 29, had “dabbed whisky on her teeth” to ease the pain of a dental problem. It was this which led to her being over the limit, her defence lawyer Garth James told the court. Williams, of Dobbins Road, Barry, was emotional whe

Champion kickboxer turns to ice hockey after leg becomes paralysed

Now diabetic Leanne is the first Welsh woman to represent GB for a world title SPORTSWOMAN Leanne Emmerson, 38, has become the first Welsh woman to join the Great Britain para ice hockey team. She will be heading to Thailand on Thursday to compete in the International Paralytic Committee Para Ice World Championships. During her long sports career, Leanne was a champion kickboxer, collecting 20 world titles. But in 2013, her left leg was left paralysed after surgery that went wrong trying to

Fixing Fairwater: The volunteers saving cherished belongings from landfill

Restoring baby blankets, teaching forgotten skills and bringing people together is all in a day’s work at the repair café VOLUNTEERS in Fairwater spend one Saturday every month fixing the community’s most valued items. Saving priceless handmade baby blankets from landfill is all in a day’s work for these volunteers. “Our friend Mahri made [the baby blanket] for my daughter as a gift for my daughter when she was born,” says organiser Cllr Claudia Boes, on the handmade baby blanket she bought i

Vandalism leaves Fairwater FC’s junior teams unable to play on home soil

Dog poo, littering and vandalism continue to prevent younger members of the club hosting games at home THE junior teams of Fairwater FC are unable to play matches on their home pitch due to continued vandalism. Poplar Park’s barriers, dugouts and pitch have been repeatedly damaged. Motorcycles are driven on the pitch and create an uneven and unsafe surface in areas. This means the younger players are unable to play on their home turf. The junior teams are having to travel as far as Pontcanna

TikToks about my toddler keep going viral on TikTok. As a gender-fluid parent, it hasn't always been an easy experience.

• Gender-fluid dad Charlie Carter began posting videos with their one-year-old daughter last year. • Many of them go viral, and while they receive a lot of support, the response isn't always positive. • This is Charlie's story, as told to Shannon McGuigan. This as-told-to essay is based on a conversation with Charlie Carter, and it has been edited for length and clarity. Although I have been creating content on Instagram since I was 14, I was initially trepidacious to post on TikTok because o

Body Checking Is Dangerous – & It's All Over TikTok

On TikTok, body checking videos manifest in myriad ways. Overt body checking trends on the platform can look like a fixation on weight and numbers. (Following the Beat media guidelines , we have not included links to the TikToks here.) Certain trends and sounds actively encourage users to disclose their weight and focus on body shape. In other videos, people accentuate certain areas of the body using filters and baggy clothing before revealing and focusing on a specific area of the body. The spe

My mum's confidence was shattered once she started chemo - makeup changed that

Applying her cool ivory No7 foundation with a brush in the bathroom mirror after our shopping spree, my mum had a glint in her eye. It was one of happiness, excitement and a renewed sense of confidence. At that moment, I realised the power of makeup was more than just a superficial thing. For my mother with cancer, it was transformative and, in turn, my love for it was reinvigorated. My mum has always been the strongest person I know and I’m not just saying that because of how she’s handled h

Live Review: Mahalia // Tramshed Cardiff, 24.05.22

As an avid RnB fan, I was elated walking through the streets of Cardiff on my way to see one of Britain’s biggest RnB singers Mahalia. As the line continued to grow to an enormous size down the street, you could feel the anticipation in the air. The excitement was not misplaced as the performances from Mahalia and her opening act Ruti both gave phenomenal and unforgettable shows. As the fans filled the venue and gig-goers clambered to the front of the crowd, onto the stage came Ruti. She belte

Tory disdain for the poor is fuelling UK’s cost of living crisis

The British working class is struggling because this country is being led by a party whose members have nothing but contempt for the poor. Britain’s cost of living crisis is spiralling out of control. The rise in food and energy bills is swiftly outstripping the disposable income of thousands of families, forcing them to make impossible choices between heating their homes, buying groceries, or putting aside money for their work commute. According to the National Institute of Economic and Socia

The basic Tory instinct to silence and demean working class women

The sexist and classist MoS article on Angela Rayner tells us nothing about the deputy Labour leader, but a lot about those governing our country. On April 23, one of Britain’s most-read newspapers, The Mail on Sunday (MoS), published a sexist and classist attack on Angela Rayner, the deputy leader of the Labour Party. The article, headlined “Tories accuse Angela Rayner of Basic Instinct ploy to distract Boris”, claimed that Rayner provocatively crosses and uncrosses her legs in the House of C

What is the "Don't Say Gay" Bill supported by Caitlyn Jenner?

What is the “Don’t Say Gay” Bill? Also known as the “Parental Rights in Education” bill but currently revered as the “Don’t Say Gay” bill by critics, is a piece of legislation that states “the classroom instruction by school personnel or third parties on sexual orientation or gender identity may not occur in kindergarten through [third grade]” or “in a manner that is not age-appropriate or developmentally appropriate for students in accordance with state standard” for students in other grade gr

With every holiday home bought, a part of Welsh community and culture dies

With every property purchased and transformed into a holiday home by landlords, a part of the Welsh community and culture dies. For years, Wales has been screaming that we are not for sale. Criticisms of those from afar profiting from holiday homes and the destruction of Welsh communities have been consistent. But the actions of Love Island star, Dr Alex George, and his purchase of four holiday homes in Pembrokeshire ( which you can read about here ) speak to our own contribution to the dissipa

Is There A European Refugee Crisis, Or A Racism Crisis?

The Russian invasion currently burning through Ukraine is a war crime; a man-made tragedy. Ukraine is a beautiful country, coloured by its vibrant culture, euphonious language and amiable people. Russia’s illegal war against Ukraine will result in the deaths of thousands of innocent people and the destruction of what was a beautiful country. It has already displaced millions of Ukrainians, with an estimated 2.8 million Ukrainian refugees fleeing to different states within Europe. Europe has wel

Scotland’s Gender Recognition Act Is Not a Threat to Women

The reform of the Gender Recognition Act (2004) in Scotland caused shockwaves to many so-called feminists on social media in recent days. Furiously blanking through the echo chamber of Twitter were messages and misinformation with J.K. Rowling at the helm. This was all in the name of “protecting” the rights of society’s most vulnerable, white middle-class women for what they interpret as feminism. You know, the type of liberal feminism that exists only to benefit already privileged white women,

'Ted Bundy: American Boogeyman'—Another Forgettable Trip Down Bundy Lane: Review

Following his previously dodgy titles The Haunting of Sharon Tate and The Amityville Murders, controversial horror director Daniel Farrand is back and this time he’s glamourising the heinous crimes of serial killer Ted Bundy. Ted Bundy: American Boogeyman is another cinematic exploration (alongside countless other contemporary documentaries and feature-length films) of the notorious American serial killer Ted Bundy. In the opening scenes of Daniel Farrands’ movie, we see two young women having

Travis Scott’s continued attempts to shift blame is abhorrent

Astroworld, a festival meant to be filled with fun and electricity in the air turned into a mass casualty incident, leaving ten dead, hundreds injured and marked as one of the most disastrous occurrences at a music festival since the Woodstock 99’ fiasco. When lives are lost are needlessly lost, when vulnerable people are hurt, it is second nature for the public to desire justice for those who can no longer claim it for themselves. Surprisingly, after Astroworld, there are still Travis Scott fa

'House of Gucci'— Gaga And Driver Shine in Ridley Scott's Latest Stylish Romp: Review : Film Reviews

Mere months after his last film, Ridley Scott is back once again with an all-star cast in ‘House of Gucci’— a story of greed, lust and how the iconic fashion house became a brand worth killing for. The palpable air of not only 80’s Italian glamour, but also the eternal glamour of the titular luxury fashion house is felt all throughout House of Gucci. Director Ridley Scott successfully coordinates every aspect of the film, from his casting, direction decisions, and music choices to create a cohe
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