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Not just a popular Netflix show: Squid Game highlighting South Korea's modern-day slavery

Netflix has popularized many non-English languages shows such as La Casa de Papel (Money Heist), Elite and Narcos. Its original series shows becoming a global hit is nothing new to the streaming platform either, with shows such as You, On My Block, Sex Education and Stranger Things becoming commonly watched shows on the screens of our TVs. Despite Netflix’s continued success with creating global smash hit shows, the South Korean drama Squid Game has surpassed the records set by its Netflix Orig

Ethnonationalism: One of Wales' Biggest Threats

There is a narrative that is often promoted in Wales that racism doesn’t exist; we are England’s more friendly neighbour. Although Wales is a country full of culture, history and picturesque views, it is undeniable that there are systemic issues regarding race and ethnicity. Denial of this allows these issues to continue within our communities. As Dr Bethan Harries states “This awkward truth must be acknowledged if the country is to make real progress in redressing racism and inequalities.”

The Pandora Papers: Revealing the depths of the Conservative cronyism?

The Pandora Papers are a collection of over 12 million documents that were accumulated and investigated by over 600 journalists from 117 countries. They lay bare the shadow economy of the world’s super-elite. Uncovering the inner working of the finances of 35 current or former leaders, 300 high-level public officials in more than 90 countries across the globe, these papers revealed that such individuals have been using offshore companies and accounts to preserve their substantial levels of weal

Justice remains elusive for Indigenous Canadians

CANADA is often perceived as a utopian nation – especially compared to its southern neighbour. But the nation still has issues that persist from its colonial past and epic failures in its decolonisation process. These have materialised as epidemic levels of violence against Indigenous women and girls – creating an issue so severe it has been labelled a genocide by the UN Human Rights Office. As of 2018, Indigenous women were three times more likely to experience violence compared to their whi

Welsh Conservatives should work on punctuality, rather than cast blame elsewhere

The suggestion of vaccine passports and COVID passes have enraged the anti-vaccine population across Britain. Many feel that these sorts of passes have the potential to infringe on their rights to medical confidentiality. Although, in the post-lockdown age they are considered necessary by some to control the virus that has killed nearly 5 million worldwide over the short span of two years. Downing Street decided to drop their plans of vaccine passports for those in England after receiving heavy

Is Nicki Minaj destroying her legacy?

“Although hardcore Barbz are here to stay, those who are casual fans and listeners are starting to become turned off by her recent behaviour. She was not only losing followers on Twitter dropping to under 23 million, but she has also limited comments and most of the general public have been voicing dismay over her recent controversial actions across TikTok and Twitter. Her recent antagonistic behaviour is a real threat to the legacy which she worked hard for a decade of her life building. Surprisingly, her PR team hasn’t decided to take control or advise her to take a hiatus from social media to avoid more controversy to avoid what is left of her legacy crumbling away further.”

A discussion with a Windrush descendant at Warwick: why is Windrush day so important?

Windrush Day is celebrated on 22 June. The day is to commemorate a generation of people who came from across the former British Empire between the years 1948 and 1971. This generation is referred to as the ‘Windrush generation’ because the initial boat carrying almost 500 Carribeans, which arrived on 22 June 1948 at Tilbury Docks in Essex, was named ‘the Empire Windrush’. Decades later this date is now used to pay homage to a generation of immigrants who rebuilt post-war Britain. The day has gr

From those on the streets: Colombia's students and the fight for a better future

How have recent events such as the pandemic and police actions influenced the protest? "The problem of police repression is one of the engines that has sustained the protests the most because, in addition to those murdered, we already have 346 missing persons in the framework of the protests; we want to know where they are, why are their bodies appearing in rivers? And we want them to answer for sexual and physical abuse and punish the corresponding people for all these acts. Because the police

Why have Colombians taken to the streets to protest?

Thousands of students and young people have been leading the charge in the protests against Colombia’s government during recent months. The protests are not only made up of students but also workers, union members, and pensioners alike – protesting against the Colombian government and President Ivan Duque. Colombia is considered to be one of the wealthier countries in the region of Latin America, also holding the title of having the highest university-educated population. Despite this, there ha

The Derek Chauvin trial: what does the outcome signify?

The video of George Floyd’s death circulated the globe, causing reverberations felt on every societal level throughout the world. This video displayed Derek Chauvin, at the time an active Minneapolis police officer, pressing his knee onto George Floyd neck as he struggled to breathe. It was later determined, in a private autopsy conducted by the family of George Floyd, that he had died as a result of “asphyxia due to neck and back compression” during the arrest conducted by Derek Chauvin.

Police and the Capitol riots: the Republican Party is a part of the insurrectionist mob

The Black Lives Matter Movement brought a direct spotlight on the institutional racism, corruption, and abuse of power within the American police force. The killings of Breonna Taylor and George Floyd, by active police officers, sent reverberations throughout society which was felt globally. With this came calls to defund the police service and invest the money elsewhere within society to aid in building communities, bettering education to provide more opportunities for young people. Many local

How has Covid-19 impacted the LGBTQ+ community?

No communities have been untouched by the negative impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic – however, the effects have been particularly alarming for the LGBTQ+ community. Those who are LGBTQ+ have a range of different issues, as a result of the inequalities they experience within society. This means that they are particularly impacted by the pandemic and the safety measures introduced as a consequence, such as social distancing and self-isolation. The impacts of these safety measures transcend into n

14 things to do as a Warwick student now your exams are over

And no, crying in bed over failed assignments is not one of them. Exams over? Done with your diss? Well, congratulations are in order because you’ve made it to the end of this pretty crazy academic year. We’ve been in and out of lockdowns more times than the hokey-cokey, missed countless Kasbah Mondays (and Smack Tuesdays, and POP Wednesdays…) and I probably speak for everyone here when I say we’ve all developed an unhealthy relationship with TikTok.

What are the impacts of the media’s treatment of female public figures?

The recently released documentary produced by The New York Times, Framing Britney, has sparked debate surrounding the treatment of female celebrities. The documentary highlighted the treatment of the media towards the artist throughout her career leading to her public breakdown in 2007. Additionally, the documentary covered the legalities of her conservatorship and how the starlet has no control over many aspects of her professional and personal life. The sentiment of the intensity of the spotl

Protests on the Piazza for student welfare continue

Another protest was held at Warwick University on Sunday 23rd May in the piazza for student welfare, co-organised by Shame on you Warwick (SOYW) and Protect Warwick Women (PWW). The demonstration included accounts from survivors of sexual misconduct on campus (including talks about the impact of events on their university experience) and speeches from the organisers. There were also chants, one being: “2, 4, 6, 8. Stop the violence. Stop the rape.” The protest stemmed from broken-down communic

Britain is institutionally racist. No report can negate that

In March, Downing Street and The Commission on Race and Ethnic Disparities published a report. It was met with much criticism, as the report itself minimises institutional racism, saying that there was no evidence. Instead, it shifted the blame to factors such as individual responsibility and family background. This section of the report faced particular outrage. Many academics stated that the report itself “cherrypick[ed]” information to justify pre-determined answers, and was overall of low q

A descent back to military dictatorship: what’s happening to the people of Myanmar?

Since 1 February 2021, unrest has entrapped the country of Myanmar with the country’s military enacting a coup d’état and taking control of the state. Paramilitary operations have eradicated the work stoppages and peaceful pro-democracy protests that once could be seen in Myanmar. The coup enforced by the military has reverted the state to full military rule after a short term of quasi-democracy that commenced in 2011.

A second pandemic: the impact of Covid-19 on anti-Asian racism

Throughout history, diseases and pandemics have been used as a tool to rationalise different forms of hatred such as homophobia, xenophobia and racism within society. In the 1980s we saw HIV was blamed on the LGBTQ community and specifically in the USA it was also blamed on Haitian Americans. The swine flu outbreak in 2009 ignited a huge amount of hatred towards the Mexican community and was used to promote anti-Mexican immigration propaganda. In 2014, the Ebola virus further contributed to the..

All women must be represented in the Reclaim the Streets movement

The stolen life of Sarah Everard, 33, a beautiful and bright woman ripped away by a serving Metropolitan police officer, a member of the community who was meant to protect women not take their lives, has sparked a resurgence in the discussion about sexual harassment and sexual assault in the UK. During this tragedy, it was also brought to light that 97% of women in the UK had experienced some form of sexual harassment, with 86% of those between the ages of 18-24 experiencing some form of sexual harassment in a public space, while 71% of women, across all age categories, have experienced sexual harassment in a public space.

Brazil’s ex-president’s corruption convictions cleared: what could this mean for the nation’s 2022 elections?

Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva was the former left-wing president of Brazil. He was extremely popular and was referred to affectionately by the public as “Lula”. However Brazilian politics has been encapsulated by the Operation Car Wash scandal. Operation Car Wash was a corruption scandal in Brazil that involved more than 80 politicians and members of elite business people. The scandal involved kickbacks of millions of dollars. As the investigation into Operation Car Wash moved forward, it began to
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