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A discussion with a Windrush descendant at Warwick: why is Windrush day so important?

Windrush Day is celebrated on 22 June. The day is to commemorate a generation of people who came from across the former British Empire between the years 1948 and 1971. This generation is referred to as the ‘Windrush generation’ because the initial boat carrying almost 500 Carribeans, which arrived on 22 June 1948 at Tilbury Docks in Essex, was named ‘the Empire Windrush’. Decades later this date is now used to pay homage to a generation of immigrants who rebuilt post-war Britain. The day has gr

From those on the streets: Colombia's students and the fight for a better future

How have recent events such as the pandemic and police actions influenced the protest? "The problem of police repression is one of the engines that has sustained the protests the most because, in addition to those murdered, we already have 346 missing persons in the framework of the protests; we want to know where they are, why are their bodies appearing in rivers? And we want them to answer for sexual and physical abuse and punish the corresponding people for all these acts. Because the police

Will you need a vaccine passport this summer? We asked Leam pubs what they thought

‘We will do whatever is required of us to provide our customers with a safe environment’ The possibility of the vaccine passports being mandatory to buy drinks in pubs has many worried about what their future nights out will look like. There have been whisperings in the House of Commons that the use of vaccine passports may be up to the individual pubs. The Warwick Tab decided to ask Leam pubs about their plans and if they would implement a vaccine passport policy. The Prime Ministers’ call f

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